Social Media For A Social Change


“Are you sure you need to do Mass Media? You still have time to think, admissions didn’t close yet” was the first thing I was asked when I decided take up my Bachelors in Mass Media.

More specifically the perceptions of people in India is yet to understand the importance of Mass Media in our lives. I took up this major step when most of my mates said me “ Take up the safe option, better go with Engineering or Medical”.

What made me think after one year past my high school was the immense effects media had on society. Leave alone society, me myself was much influenced that it brought about different changes in my lifestyle due to the impact of media, where I started to learn better interaction with people and improvement in communication skills and also I later started to analyze both sides of a story whether political or social issues which shows that media influences public opinion.

Therefore I wanted to know what works behind the system. Technically speaking content editing, advertising and branding are all a part of it. Also what makes media so convincing to us.
It is primarily impossible to grow up and develop in a world devoid of any media. Be it radio, television, digital or print media. Practically a day without technology is a nightmare. Besides it is interesting to learn media, understanding every element of the same.

To all those who thought media was only about Journalism, here’s the catch! Media offers a wide range of courses and my primary reason to take up the course was to explore various aspects in media. However analyzing every field is practically not possible. Unlike Journalism, media opens up exposure to Advertising, Event Management, Content Editing, Anchoring, Public Relations, and Film Making etc.

All those who thought that media is something that you can take up as a last resort, sorry you are mistaken. Media is the most influencing sector in the world today. As a media person, what you say is what people believe. This is the reason why whatever facts media puts up goes through intense research which requires time, dedication and hard work.
So whoever is thinking of taking up Mass Media just because it was easier to learn the same academically compared to Engineering or Medical or any other course for that matter,
Don’t take that step ahead!
There’s a whole nation that is dependent on you as a media person and you have a responsibility to maintain that and keep up the standards of the nation.

Because according to the renowned singer Jim Morrison “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

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Words Have The Power To Stop Wars.

2 thoughts on “Social Media For A Social Change

  1. I totally agree with the points you have put forth. I am sure you are going to be one of them who can influence people’s decisions. And you have already started it,with this mind blowing article on how mass media is just not confined to journalism but is wider than what people think it is!


  2. good article…
    Agree that media is essential for us to be aware of happenings / changes around us…
    however, not all media are currently playing a responsible role in portraying true pictures… its just a TRP/readership race…
    Anyways, which is the line you wish to pursue in media…anchoring?


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