Broken Pieces


Fourteen years had passed since that incident. Since then there is no looking back. She understood that years flew by and now sitting in the balcony of a 15 storey high tower sipping her hot cappuccino and watching the beauty of nature as the sun bid goodbye to the land of San Diego, California, she realized that Friendships are not a responsibility or commitment but merely a feeling of togetherness and a promise to stay by each other in your worst times.
Yes, back in 2008 she had one of the worst fights with her friend. She was her companion, her close friend, and apart from everything she believed in Lisa. Lisa, yes that was her name. She was always by her side to encourage, to motivate and was beside her when she needed a shoulder to cry on during her worst days.
What had happened to them? What spoiled the beautiful bond that made everyone look up to them and say “they are still friends for so long!? “, What made their strong sense of staying by each other and making plans to roam the world with each other ruin? “She was the best one I could ever have in my life”, she believed.
They never stayed in touch with each other since that incident. She was shattered, tired, fed up and frustrated. She kept saying herself that it was okay, not all friendships last long, not all people who come and go in your life stay as they promise, and not all people would believe and understand as you do. It was absolutely okay. She said to herself that as someone quoted once, time could heal everything, give it time. She kept herself saying that. But no, deep inside her it was not okay! Time could not heal everything! At least not betrayals. It was hard, she had a bond with her best friend. Lisa was not her best friend she was her everything. A friend. A sister. A savior, who could not be replaced.
That last she heard about Lisa was when after a hectic day driving through the busy streets of California reaching her apartment, exhausted and weary she sat down with her usual favorite cappuccino to check her mails, that she found a mail from Anna, her college mate who usually sorted petty fights with Lisa. The first line of the mail said “I am sorry to say this when I am not with you there.” this put her into a trauma, because Anna did not mail her usually and contacts her only to say some news as it has been years since she have been in contact with any on her college mates and it was only Anna who she had contact with now.
Then next 15 minutes of her life was the worst she had ever faced. The mail left her in the biggest trap of upheaval, depression and misery.
Lisa was no more. She was going through the third stage of Leukemia-Acute Lymphocyte (ALL) or Blood Cancer. From past 3 years she was under vigorous treatment but no medical science could save Lisa.
“Oh God! Only if I called her once in the past 14 years just to say a hello, just to ask how she was, just to ask how was life.” She said sitting down on the floor with her heads in her palm crying out loud, wishing Lisa is listen to her, but realized that only her apartment walls could hear her cries, knowing how much she loved her Lisa, no ‘loves’ her Lisa.
From that day she used to come up to her balcony, look up to the sky and talk to Lisa every day. Told her how much she meant to her, told her that not even death can bring them apart. They WERE best friends, they WILL remain best friends. Even if she was not physically in the world anymore, she will always and always remain in the heart of her only loving friend.

To every friend out there who captures the hearts of many loved ones,
Cheers !

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