My Voice Towards Men


When the world focuses on women, let me being a woman focus on men for a change.
Before my readers go against me quoting that I am doing something unfair by not writing, supporting women issues and women rights and freedom, let me put forth my point of view as to why I chose to tell the world it’s not easy to talk about men issues which the media loves to ignore: First, women “pretty much objectively” are facing issues much worse than men. Second, how could you speak up about problems men face, it may affect their “manliness”.
The modern world have seen much more problems than the past. After the morning coffee when we open the very first page of the daily newspaper there could be nothing but terrific crimes especially every page with the headline in bold of 5 year and 6 year old rape victims, domestic violence on women, slaughtering wife for dowry, female infanticide, and girls made to work at tender age without education. After all, these issues are enough to make your morning hard to face your life ahead, regretting waking up and starting your day.
Is it just me or did anyone else notice that all the incidents I stated above does not even cover one issue the men face in the modern world?
Is it because there isn’t any problem men face or is it because they may not get enough importance as any women abuse would? I strongly believe the latter.
Let me take you through some of the much ignored ones where the male dominated media is strangely silent about.
Masculinity, nothing is more offensive and more damaging than belief of their own masculinity. Because even today as a society we teach men to hide their emotions. Or else it may kill the ‘manliness’. Fathers teach their son to be strong and not to cry. Crying never solved any issues, it’s only for women. They have the sole right to cry. But not men. Never.

Education, is another major problem affecting men significantly. This matter is much silent than any other issue. Many women face lack of education across the globe. But so does men. Many of them are not able to complete their education or not allowed to in the circle of life to get a well-paid job. They are often suggested to leave education once they get into a well-paid job. And in case of unemployment, men go through mental torture stating the reason for their unemployment may be their lack of skills, confidence and potential.
Hell of a lesson. “We don’t want to learn new things, we’ll only work till death”
Domestic Abuse, Depression and Violence are next I could think about. It’s a depressing fact of life that some people get off on controlling others. Since life is horrible, this often translates to marriages where one partner physically or emotionally abuses the other. Usually, the victims are women and the abusers male – hence the existence of women’s shelters and charities and so on.
In a survey taken: shockingly, more married men were victims of abuse than women in 2012 – yet men’s shelters remain almost non-existent. Suicide is the single biggest killer of young men in Britain, the cause being depression. Men are horrible at spilling their emotions and feelings. A study by the national poll stated the biggest killer of troops in Afghanistan is not bombs, gunfire or terrorism. It’s suicide. By rights this should be a national scandal. But because of our dumb ideas of masculinity no-one even wants to talk about it – and young lives continue to be wasted.
How many among us have had the guts to talk of Prostate Cancer? Honestly: according to the National Cancer Institute, one in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, while one in seven men will get prostate cancer. There are countless number of fund raising for breast cancer research, but hardly for prostate cancer. My point is simple. Breast cancer is a killer. So is prostate cancer. It would be nice to see an equal amount being raised for prostate cancer research, especially considering the risks involved are nearly-identical.
If I go on with the hidden and not-talked-about problems men face, I could cover pages.
While writing this I strongly believe I did justice as I equally respect both the gender full heartedly without any trace of bias.

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