If You Cannot Redo Things, You Can Never Be An Expert


12 years had passed since their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Agrawal they were proudly called. A week before they tied the knot, they had promised to share their worries and happiness, failures and successes and everything that may affect each other’s life. Just like any other couple.
Until this day, when Mrs Agrawal sits across the dusted bench in the Marriage Counseling Center with her divorce lawyer explaining why she believed her wishes could be fulfilled without a partner.
But she never said, not once “ I don’t believe in love anymore “ even after 12 years of marriage. I say this because, 3 years later she found a man who realized she was a really strong woman.
Assuring life would give you a second chance, why give up?
If you have the courage to face your mistakes with an acceptance of someone who did wrong, you are indeed a strong human being.
As someone once quoted “The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. “
Many a times during the hardships life is taking us through it becomes difficult to accept what it has for us, but most of the times it teaches us a lesson. A valuable lesson. Redoing something because you failed for the first time does not make you weak, on contrary makes you an expert.
By looking into the life of Mrs. Agrawal, any woman at such an age, 12 years later of marriage would never even take the effort of finding love or would give up. Yes, age truly just a number. Giving her relationship a second chance, she turned an expert. Expert of sacrificing. Expert of mutual understanding. Expert of believing life is just once, satisfy yourself, before others.
You are a real defeated person if you fail to resolve your problems just because you lost the first time and sit there with your head in your palms frustrated and yelling blaming your luck and destiny.
When in reality you need to pull your sleeves up to give your luck a knock on the face saying “There! You made me believe I could not, and I showed you how I could. “
I would not use the term failing, but not succeeding at the very first attempt would only make you do it again, this time with more passion, intensity and enthusiasm. The more the attempts, the more is the expertise in the field. Understanding of the subject helps you to do it with efforts and eventually you will be reaching heights with flying colors.
Every time the sun rises over the horizon, there begins a new ray of hope. A new beginning, where life gives us many chances to overcome our troubles, not just a second chance. Believing in those chances and redoing our given up wishes and aims is our very own duty. Understanding that life is a mixture of ups and downs, difficulties and enjoyment, worries and happiness is the first step in trying to give it a second chance and being an expert of different experiences in life.
Because never, an effort is wasted. It is just valued.

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