What is the best way to beat mental stress of competition?


Every time I enter my Dad’s office I hear one or the other staff member screeching and shouting either on the phone or at each other. Totally for business reasons. Probably. The Manager cribbing at the General Manager as he could not take the higher seat, on top of their voice.
The United Nations carried out a survey in 2011, which said the stress level has rapidly increased by 40% in the time duration of 5 years.
Higher the competition, higher is the mental stress in a person. We live in a world where you would not mind your son failing in a test provided your neighbor’s son fail too. In simple words.
This leads to a situation which creates a mental pressure on the kid too. No more he would be willing to learn something out of curiosity but only to desperately not come second in his class.
Many institutions across the globe provide valuable suggestions, tips and even courses for beating mental stress. Increasing competition leading to lesser job opportunities and business pressures are creating health problems, depressions and causing mental stress.
Progressive organizations are adopting proactive ways to build employee resilience to avoid stress and exhaustion, based on the understanding that mental health is as important as physical health for wellbeing.
The very first way to beat mental pressure of competition is, instead of facing your competitor with jealousy and frustration; face them as a reason to your perfection and progress. It may not necessarily be easy as it sounds. Many big organizations provide training programs to reduce mental stress referring that competition should always be in a healthy way leading to progress.
Always be a puzzle solver. At least try to. The best way to overcome mental stress is to start analyzing and understanding your competition so that you come up with more solutions rather than getting tensed about the situation and worrying and being disturbed fast.
Make sure you take a break. Even the well paid and successful people do require a break. One of the major solutions to mental stress is going off on a vacation, reading a book or spending quality time with your friends and family. Not always success, profits and competition stand high, your wellbeing equally does.
It is always necessary to know your limits. In the struggle of competing make you are not crossing your limits of work pressure and priorities. Understanding and acting according to your ability is a major factor and not imitating or trying to do what is beyond your capacity is foolishness.
Maintaining healthy social networks helps extensively in reducing mental stress. A good group of friends and colleagues will always keep your mind fresh making you realize amidst the work pressure, competition and worries there is a much more to life.
Most important of all these factors is that one best way to beat mental stress is the power of conversation. If you are wise and smart enough to cut down your competitor with words, half your stress is eventually sloshed.
Today with increasing competition, each person has forgotten to smile. Smile with confidence. Spreading awareness, the world celebrates National Stress Awareness Day on the 6 of November.

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Words Have The Power To Stop Wars.

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