Cannes Film Festival – More Than Fashion ?


Cannes, a busy tourist destination located on French Riviera, France – is the host city of Festival De Cannes or famously known as Cannes Film Festival – The most prestigious and invitation-only international film festival in the world.
Nandita Das, a renowned Indian film actress and director wrote an article which stated her view saying that every time she returned from Cannes, she was constantly asked about what she wore and why few photographs.
While she was a jury member all she was excited about, was the brilliant movies that came across the globe and the eagerness to watch them.
Not many among us would be excited to open the newspapers to see the list of movies that made it to the Cannes, the variety of genres and the beauty of direction that the won hearts. But instead would be eagerly waiting to see what Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone or Sienna Miller flaunted. We would love, not to miss the looks from the Red Carpet to the after parties.
Does this prestigious film festival only grab eyeballs because of the big shots and the flawless outfits by British designers like Giles Deacon?
Should the media also focus on some of the great work by directors and scriptwriters around the globe?
Cannes 2015 had its presidents, American directors and producers, Coen Brothers to Abderrahmane Sissako from Mauritania, a place I hadn’t even heard of where the jury consists of nine renowned members from the cinema background.
Why is the media having a strong obsession with fashion? The women, at least in Hollywood faces opposition against this obsession.
Nandita Das, was asked several questions by the media on why she always chooses to wear the same old sarees every time to Cannes. Last time she went to watch and enjoy some great work, she never looked into this ‘Media Obsession’ with fashion and glamour at the red carpet, until this year when she extensively was giving replies and responses to end number of people on why maybe the Cinema as a very strong art form should be looked into much seriously.
Cinema, glamour and fashion does go hand in hand but many a times the fascinating work captured by brilliant artists on the screen may go buried over the diamond studded beautiful Giles Deacon Gown.
Let us not forget to appreciate the work of great personalities that build up with efforts and experience over the years.

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