Gamophobia : Are you a victim ?


21st Century.
Where relations break over a text message. Where beauty is valued over personality. Where divorce happens within a month. Where marriages scare young minds.
The society has been following the sacred concept of marriage for centuries. When we look back, marriage often is seen as the institution where both the partners are bound to stay together due to a legal contract even though they are happy without each other.
The much steaming topic that is discussed today in our culture is not same sex or different caste marriages. It is the fact that an alarming amount of couples choosing not to marry at all.
This is the very reason for increasing number of live-in relationships.
Young couples do not want to take a risk by involving the government in their relationship and making it legalized by calling it a ‘wedding contract’. They are probably the ones in the society who fear and could not afford a divorce or what the society would term them as a “divorcee” if their relationship fails.
According to these couples, marriage is what the society needs. The society cannot digest the fact of a live-in relationship. They have to be together only after you have legalized this ‘togetherness’.
An article in Newsweek, named “Yes to Love, No to Marriage” Bonnie Eslinger wrote that marriage is not necessary to demonstrate the love and commitment she feels for her partner, Jeff. “I am a 42-year-old woman who has lived life mostly on my own terms. I have never sought a husband and have still experienced intense, affirming love.”
Among many different comments by the readers of the Newsweek, there was a beautiful piece of comment which I personally liked the most in the bunch.
It said “If she is really in love with Jeff and she plans to stay with him forever, then she should marry him because he asked her to. Obviously it means something to him. In addition, if she doesn’t marry, she’ll miss out on the deep, loving place her relationship has the potential to go. I had no idea that I could love my husband any more than I already did. Then after we got married, the intensity of our relationship deepened to a place I never thought it could. I am more madly in love with him today than I ever have been—an extraordinary state of happiness I wouldn’t be enjoying if we never married. I agree that a marriage certificate is no guarantee for a lifelong relationship with one person. Too many people rush into a marriage and then it fails. That is not a good reason to bash marriage. If your relationship is that strong then instead of being the free thinker that you claim to be, get married. It won’t ruin your relationship, I guarantee it.”
This was a brilliant comment among all I read below that article, where everyone supported, while she talked with much maturity and stating the fact that love could never be destroyed in a marriage if it’s true and passionate.
Marriage is a public institution and not merely a private commitment. Instead of being ‘me-oriented’ marriage gives you an opportunity to discover your abilities together. Society has weakened the concept of marriage, this only gives an incentive to get it back on track and strengthen this vital institution.
A wedding is a ‘piece of paper’ but a marriage is no such thing. A marriage is the commitment that two people enter into that state they will honor, protect, love, sacrifice all they have to the other person.
I once read a quote by a women from Canada, when surveyed why she gives importance to her marriage and she replied “I never felt satisfied when I called him my boyfriend, lover or fiance as much as I call him my husband today. The sense of family and affection increases with the name itself.”
Because coming back home to your family at the end of the day is heaven.

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