Hunger Killing Childhood


Here is something from my personal experience put up for the first time.
While I write this I try not to tear up.
I happen to visit my extended family who lives in my hometown, last week.
This was the first time I was going to meet them, though I have heard much about them from my parents.
While leaving home my dad asked me for the fourth time whether I took all the goodies, neatly packed it had a variety of things, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, flavoured drinks and much more.
I kept wondering the whole two and half hour drive, what’s so special about them to give them this pack of treats.
I kept asking my parents to which they preferred ignoring me. Blissfully.
The journey killed me, traffic, the long drive, hectic day and finally while I was busy having a power nap, my mom woke me up.
Our car was now parked in a remote area, I felt I ‘time travelled’ to the past.
Never have I seen such a place, dusty, gloomy, and most importantly no humans around.
We walked a little and found something that didnt really look like a house, a low built room with a verandah, it had three doors that led to three matchstick box sized rooms inside.
The husband, wife and three children came out. Their eyes sparkled seeing us.
We went inside and they offered us three small chairs to sit.
The aunt told me to take care of my head while I walk inside, the mud ceiling was very low. I smiled and walked in.
There was no light inside, the daylight helped us see each other.
I handed the neatly packed treat to the children, they jumped seeing them, on the table. I said “the chocolates might have melted, refrigerate and have it later.
They looked at the father, and he told me “we don’t have a refrigerator, it pulls lot of electricity”.
“Ohh” was only my answer, I didnt know to react, he smiled at me which probably meant “its okay”.
I was outside walking with my three new tiny friends, around the place.
I asked them whether they liked school, they weren’t much happy to answer.
They replied “We try to like, our classmates get tasty food in the lunchbox, but don’t let us have them, they say we never get any such food from our home.”
“I told my mother she says, rice itself is costly now, you both don’t share from their food. Problem solved.”
I regretted and was guilty for thinking why I should give this packet to them.
I wiped a tear off my face, not because of their condition but because I had to hear this from a four year old in this 21st century, who only wished to eat tasty food.
Today, I regret the times I was upset when I could not try the new cuisine from the exotic restaurant.
Whenever I go to Pizza Hut or a McDonald’s, before ordering I always remember the three gleeful faces, which were so happy even though they had nothing to satisfy their basic needs, and I often return empty handed.
Do not strive to make the world a better place, or dream to solve hunger across the world.
Instead, make sure the next time you walk into a store, you satisfy atleast one needy person.
Because that changed me, I am sure I will visit my three new tiny friends the next time with bundle of joy and happiness they will be waiting for.

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