Its Not Tough. Its Very Tough.


In the journey of life, every experience is said to be lesson. A valuable lesson. You might have read a lot of articles on how your life may change distinctively after completing the comforting phase called Student Life, especially after graduation as that is a time when you see a 360 degree turn life takes personally and professionally.

Not many have reached this phase though. Some are still making the best of memories as a student. Some are struggling however to get over the student life soon. And some has reached the phase of competition, challenges, and immense hard work.

What I have mentioned here may not be very thrilling and happy to read content. This is what I have learned after I broke out of the zone that was constrained to my comforts and luxuries, and I am still learning. The key elements. Important factors in my life.

The Power of Accepting Change

They say we must keep adjusting to the changes in our life as change is the only thing that is constant. But how many of us have been told how to accept that change? Life after being a student for 15 years at least, is not easy. You may have to move out for greater good of yourself. You may have to fund yourself. You may have to be friends with someone you hate for work. You may have to learn a new skill. Things you never did back then, is now standing in front ready to be faced by you. Accepting that change is essential. Give yourself time, like I did, understand that only you can make the change the best one.

The Magical Portion called Emotion

Humans were god gifted by an immense super power, they are the only ones on the earth that can control emotions. Wow. I was always amused by that fact. Friends, family, relatives, teachers, colleagues are not the ones that maybe in every chapter of our story. You are the one who writes it, but do not forget they are busy writing their stories too.  We have to grow out and realize this phase is the most challenging and not everyone who was once there would be here to see it, be with it and necessarily understand the importance of it.

Killing the Time Schedule

The routine you were following for years is suddenly dead. The next few mornings are the strangest. Waking up to no scheduled day. Looking forward to a bunch of exciting student activities and fun is dead. It had to be killed. Some day. I eventually realize there are a set of different events that now will become my routine.

Understanding the phrase – Health is Wealth

I learned to love my body, which is a crucial element in your life too. There are people, I know many of them personally, who judge you not on looks but your body. Fat, skinny, short, lean, dark, light, flat, huge and many more. To all of them, my friend, I will pray who never go through the feelings they do. You just won’t be able to handle it. It definitely affects you mentally. It had, for me at least. But the process of responding is not shouting or weeping day long. It is working. Working hard. Work on not only your body but also your health, the best way to respond is show them.

Being Responsible – No longer an option

There was a point in my life where lethargy was my best friend. When you turn the page of the book called life, you realize as the chapters complete, there is a new person being born. A much responsible one, than the previous chapter. It does not happen with efforts, it happens with the flow, effortlessly.

Failures knocked on my door, more than opportunities

I feared quite often, but that fear did me good. It woke me up in the middle of nights, it didn’t let me sleep, and it was a nightmare. The only reason that helps me hustle, beyond my capacities, overcoming my weaknesses, understanding my strengths. I started to believe that indeed the only thing that is stopping you is you yourself. The only way out to reach that red flag on top of the mountain was to climb. Cry, fall, hurt yourself, but climb much harder.

I am still a person who have so much to face in life, still learning new things everyday, but these have become the changes I started observing in me and realized that I was growing much positive day by day.

I am not here to inspire, I have not reached that point.

I genuinely wish everyone luck, success, health and wealth.

God bless us all.













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2 thoughts on “Its Not Tough. Its Very Tough.

  1. Nice one pooja, inspirational one
    Keep on writing more and more and keep us inspiring by such stories
    Eagerly waiting for your coming up stories . .


  2. I see no effort. As mentioned, in the article, it’s only the flow. We find the flow relating one day or the steps behind making a chain of relativeness to whatever we have gained or have become up till now. And only the need is to be a careful witnesser who watches steps objectively.


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