Abortion – The Combat Continues

The war and debate is yet to end

The girls who registered themselves under different names in local hospitals in India, to make sure a life inside them is cut into pieces using surgical blades, were endless. Fake names, fake numbers, fake reasons.

Under the Medical Termination of Pregnency Act 1971, Abortion in India is legal upto 20 weeks of pregnency, under specific conditions:

  • Women whose physical and/or mental health were endangered by the pregnancy
  • Women facing the birth of a potentially handicapped or malformed child
  • Rape
  • Pregnancies in unmarried girls under the age of eighteen with the consent of a guardian
  • Pregnancies in “lunatics” with the consent of a guardian
  • Pregnancies that are a result of failure in sterilisation

The Supreme Court recently moulded the law for a rape survivor, being 24 weeks later.

In a January 2006 CBS News poll in US, took a survey which enquired, “What is your personal feeling about abortion”, 27% said that abortion should be “permitted in all cases,” 15% that it should be “permitted, but subject to greater restrictions than it is now,” 33% said that it should be “permitted only in cases such as rape, incest or to save the woman’s life,” 17% said that it should “only be permitted to save the woman’s life,” and 5% said that it should “never” be permitted.

If you are sitting along with a large mass of people, just yell out “abortion” and notice the pin drop silence that follows. That’s how ‘scary’ the word itelf is. Forget the process.

Image sources: The Abortion Story

One among the most countries, that legalised abortion, to not settle the debate is United States of America. Yes, the supposedly superpower of the world. Americans find it extremely difficult to accept the killing of a foetus. By 1973, 75 countries apparently liberalised abortion laws, the debate vanished over time. But America refused to settle for it.

The reasons that makes abortion controversial everyday is increasing. Lets break it down to few prominent ones.

First, religion is a striking factor that makes it difficult for women and girls to convey the decision of abortion to their families. The faces of your families with never fade from your memory after that talk. And its not just India, but every other country, say the 75 of them has the same reaction, because even today the world is highly dominated by religious beliefs.

Second, a lot of countries and the government hospitals across the world sanction abortion free of cost. The political domination in these countries find it difficult to accept this fact. A lot of money is churned out from the patients at the hospitals that may come with a headache and goes back home which three reports, of a Electrocardiogram, Angiography and a X-ray. Do I really need to say what happens if you go for an abortion?I could go on with reasons that ponder the minds of humans like, contraceptive pills, fundamentals, relative conservatism about sex, moral issues or sex education. The list is endless.

The future of Abortion is unknown. The fact that it is legalized does not make any of these countries assure that the suicide rates under family pressure or molestation may decrease.

The constitution may have liberated women, but does it include middle class women? How many below the poverty line? How many rape victims? Let’s look for answers. Deeper and Wider.

Future of Abortion: Unknown





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