Human Trafficking – Mysterious Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley

March 24th, 1998.

A vacation trip on the Royal Caribbean Cruise, Rhapsody Ship of the Seas, turned into a nightmare for the parents of a 23-year-old.

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Amy Lynn Bradley | Source:

Amy Lynn Bradley, a vibrant woman set off with her parents and brother who decided to explore the international waters, went missing mysteriously. They were travelling to Caribbean, when they found the that she had ‘vanished’ from the Cruise.

According to her family, they had last seen her on the suite’s balcony in the wee hours of morning, March 24th. Some also suspects that she had left the room without her footwear, which meant she wasn’t planning to go anywhere far. Some sources discovered that she carried a packet of cigarettes and lighter too. An eyewitness had seen her with some band members near an elevator later.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation did a thorough study, to realize that she had no intentions of a ‘run away’ as her background of dealing with family and friends were strong. She maintained a satisfied social life.

While the case is still on, seven years after the incident Amy’s parents had sent the FBI a photograph that resembled their daughter from an adult escort website. Over the years many people have reached out claiming to have seen her. She is suspected to have smuggled off the cruise while in Curacao and sold into sexual slavery. One of the witness is an American sailor who visited a brothel in Curacao and supposedly met a girl named ‘Amy Bradley’. Sources say that she had asked for help before business.

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Amy Bradley resembled a woman from an adult escort website | Source: The Throwback News

While the stories, suspects and sightings seems to be endless, Amy Lynn Bradley’s whereabouts are still unknown, 19 years later. The family had launched an extensive investigation, but it did not show any good.

The reward for anyone who finds Amy is $2,50,000 (Quarter of A Million US Dollars). The team is on an extensive search.


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Source: Black & Missing Inc.

The missing cases and ‘vanishing’ of women around the globe has increased drastically over the years. According to the Black and Missing Inc. the highest number of missing cases are of Whites, 57% and the lowest number are of Indians, 1%. The highest number of cases in the United States have eventually led to conclusions that ended up in brothels and being victims of human trafficking.  

3,287 people are kidnapped, sold or smuggled into sexual slavery everyday. Which is 136 per hour. These are supposedly just the reported cases. Many among these cannot be solved understanding the reach of the largest market in the world. According to F4C Org, the profits made by global sex trade market shoots to $32 billion dollars.

Children, women and men are trafficked within their countries and international borders. On investigation office’s table lies the bundle of slavery cases that remains unsolved because of the difficulty to track down these markets across the globe.

The UN Office of Drugs and Crime states that it is the largest source of income for any organized crime and the fastest growing international crime.

Many of these people fall into the trap unknowingly, many are kidnapped and smuggled and another lot use it as the fastest way to earn money.

There have been missing stories and then there are survivor stories. The Force 4 Compassion is an organisation that helps you to survive and deal with these issues in the form of education, medical help, rescue and shelter and counselling.

Find help here :

Talk, learn, and be alert & aware of what’s happening around you.

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