The Hidden Face of World’s Greatest Dictator – Adolf Hitler

The man behind the death of more than 70 million, Adolf Hitler lead an extreme secretive personal life. Known to be the greatest dictator in the history, he ruled over Germany leading the Nazi Party and initiated the World War II.

The German Dictator’s sexuality was told to be complex and he refused to let the world know about it. Hitler’s personal life was hard to be studied by historians. In the book Hitler’s Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator by a German historian Lothar Machtan, Adolf Hitler had ordered many among the high ranking Nazi officials to be sentenced to death after he felt the news about him being homosexual will be revealed.

Source: | Adolf Hitler with Rudolf Hess, who were having a secret affair and gave up after the Nazi leader found it an embarrassment

One prominent incident in the history was when Ernst Röhm, the leader of Hitler’s Storm Troopers, tried to blackmail Hitler by revealing his sexuality. Röhm, who was also gay, was murdered by Hitler.

The fact that Adolf Hitler was supposedly a gay, was used by him cleverly during the First World War. He would persuade police officers and would influence many young men for his benefits, for political reasons and otherwise.

In Hitler’s early life and teenage, he had a string of exclusive male companions who was ‘close’ to him and often visited his place. August Kubizek, Reinhold Hanisch, and Rudolf Hausler were some among the many. He apparently shared accommodation with these men in Viennese or Munich backstreets and in “homes for the destitute”.

In a popular debate, Machtan explains that much of his activities and decisions while in power was not due to political influences but to eliminate his original identity and keep his personal secret life at bay.

He was also involved with his half niece Geli Raubal, who shot herself to death with his gun and committed suicide after knowing the relationship of long term lover Eva Braun. The book argues that these were ways to hide his homosexuality to the public and as a result he also ordered to burn down homosexuals in the gas chambers.

Adolf Hitler believed that revealing his sexual identity would shatter his manly image and would bring down his prominence as a dictator. Hitler’s interpreter, Eugen Dollmann wrote that there was an instance were he overheard Otto von Lossow, a Reichswehr general in Munich post the World War I and discovered a police file containing statements by young boys in Munich. Those boys, according to Lossow, said that Hitler had paid them to spend the night with him.

The end number of blackmails had taken a toll on his political life and the 37 year old attempted to go ‘straight’ and failed miserably. Eight women, with whom he had a sexual relationship attempted suicide and six succeeded.

Source: | Hitler with Eva Braun

A frustrated Eva Braun, his long time lover committed suicide 40 hours after their marriage, understanding the confused Hitler’s double personalities.

Lother Machtan has not being able to prove and give concrete evidences of Hitler’s sexuality and its influence in the political spheres of his dictatorship.

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