Vegetarianism – Not a Curse

I have been writing for three years now, and spent a good half of my life abroad. Yet I still wonder why I never wrote about the topic that I strongly felt for. I have been blamed, accused and made fun of this since long. What took me so long to pen down my feelings into words? I do not know. So here, today I decide to pour it all out.

Vegetarianism. Take notes, people. Grab a popcorn and be ready to debate.

It has been 22 years, okay lets just cut it down into 13 years, since I have been on this life long debate of proving why I am a vegetarian. Trust me, it is much harder than fighting for your constitutional rights in India. How I wish one person out of the bazillion people who gave me reasons on why I should switch gave me a valid justification. All of them were pointless and pathetic. Sorry, but yes.

Oh, so you want me take you through some of them? Here, let me take this beautiful opportunity to publicly pen down two prominent arguments I face and also unveil why I felt they made no sense.

We kill animals and you kill plants, both are living things (in fact you kill the food for animals) How does that make any difference?

Sigh. Heavy sighs. I have been living in the Middle East for sometime now and during Eid, I often wake up to the noise of the trucks pulling across the streets in which I hear the cries of caged goats who are trying to drop off the back door, their eyes shows despair and their feet keep trembling. Hours later, I hear one last cry. Bloodshed. My day goes terrible. That night we go out for dinner and my colleague gets to the table a hot bowl of Mutton Biryani (an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice, spices and goat meat). He said that it smelled exceptionally good and the hot flavored spices pampered his taste buds. I found it extremely hard to forget the sight of the eyes of despair and their cries were still ringing in my ears.

I highly respect religious beliefs across the globe. I understand the value of traditions though I try not to question them always. But violence, slaughter and bloodshed of animals? I am not sure how they sleep well that night.

Technically speaking, plants are living things too, but in that case, everything around us is ‘living’. From the perspective of quantum physics, there is nothing in our three dimensional world that are not ‘living’. Be it stones, water or your computer screens. Vibrating at various rates of speed, energy exists in everything that is growing expanding and self propagating. Like vegetables, algae, bacteria or fruits.

So what if animals are hurt, plants are hurt too. Why just care about animals?

To all who say this, A, what happened to your education? Don’t worry, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Today is my chance to teach you. B, let me explain why plants aren’t hurt like animals. Plants are not sentient beings. They do not have an emotional inclination to avoid bodily harm and does not have a nervous system, thus they do not process the sensation of pain. Mother nature’s creation of plants ensured they do not engage in a fight or respond to threats as I mentioned earlier why they do not inherit humane feelings or emotions.

Hence, I never came across the fact of bell peppers jumping off my cutting board and running towards my door which is clearly not the case of 50 billion farm animals in a slaughter house.

And rightly said by Bobby Rock Blog, “Now, after all of this plants-are-living-things stuff, if you’re still on a mission to save as many plants as possible from the ravages of the dinner table and feel that eating dead animals is somehow serving that end, remember: we are currently feeding about 80-plus% of many of the crops we grow in the world to farm animals.  So by eating animal products, you are actually causing the “death” of even more plants (to say nothing of animals), since we feed a disproportionate amount of plant foods to animals, relative to what they yield to humans in the form of food.”

I strongly believe in opinions and respect it with all my heart. My job was not to turn the meat-eating portion of people to vegetarianism or make them realize they are committing a sin. But my motive was to eliminate some of the dreaded flaws in the concept of vegetarianism. While I have been respecting the choices of the meat eating group of people and is mature enough to understand that everyone has the right and freedom to choose a way of lifestyle, I equally yearn for the same respect towards my choices.

But no. 2017, Educational Rights, Global Exposure, immense Growth of Media Industry. Nothing helped the minds of these people grow. I pity them.

I could write 37 pages if I list all the arguments I come across everyday. I choose to stop here. If you read till here, thank you for the patience to go through what I feel. Means a lot.

Also, write to me at if you have any reasons to counter my thinking, I will be glad to put up the best ones here.

None of us are right or wrong, we just have different opinions.


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