Parasite of The Past

There is a parasite inside your head, it sits there, peacefully, not running around. Not yelling at you, not destroying your brain into a hundred pieces. Then where is the problem? The problem is it’s the parasite of your past. It’s the parasite that formed because you couldn’t stop thinking about that one event, incident,Continue reading “Parasite of The Past”

This Festive Season, If You’re Away From Home, You’re Not Alone.

While I’m sitting at my desk, hardly breathing, drowning in work with the noise of employees shouting out the breaking news for the day, market moves and screens above me flashing, BBC and CNN channels. There is little-to-no time to think about anything else, apart from making deadlines meet. With such chaos around me, twoContinue reading “This Festive Season, If You’re Away From Home, You’re Not Alone.”

“Greta Thunberg is a Mentally-ill Swedish Girl”- Fox News Guest

What a coincidence, while I’m making notes on my phone jotting down important points that could be placed tightly into my article here, something falls down right near my feet. I look up to see where a mini can of coke landed from. I find my colleague wave a hand at me miming, “Sorry! IContinue reading ““Greta Thunberg is a Mentally-ill Swedish Girl”- Fox News Guest”

The Way Forward: India fights

On a Sunday morning, about four months back, I was sitting across the breakfast table drinking my mandatory morning black coffee along with my first cousin who was gulping down her favorite chocolate milk. While discussing her career status, as she has just started off her collegiate life, she interrupted me to put across aContinue reading “The Way Forward: India fights”

“I wish to play” – 14 Year Old Mom

“I love to play soccer, the championship begin last year. But I could not play, I was pregnant” says Daniela. She was 14 when she gave birth to her son. Daniela lives in Ecuador, a country situated in South America’s west coast. This is not the story of Daniela alone. This is the story ofContinue reading ““I wish to play” – 14 Year Old Mom”

Forgotten ‘Deep’ Conversations

What would make you feel better? Talking to your friend about your state of mind before an important interview or about the weather on the hills? While thinking about this, I wondered if I was the only one who felt the first would make me feel much happier and satisfied and believed this was absolutelyContinue reading “Forgotten ‘Deep’ Conversations”

The Hidden Face of World’s Greatest Dictator – Adolf Hitler

The man behind the death of more than 70 million, Adolf Hitler lead an extreme secretive personal life. Known to be the greatest dictator in the history, he ruled over Germany leading the Nazi Party and initiated the World War II. The German Dictator’s sexuality was told to be complex and he refused to let theContinue reading “The Hidden Face of World’s Greatest Dictator – Adolf Hitler”