“Greta Thunberg is a Mentally-ill Swedish Girl”- Fox News Guest

What a coincidence, while I’m making my notes on my phone jotting down important points that could be placed tightly into my article here, something falls down right near my feet. I look up to see where a mini can of coke landed from. I find my colleague wave a hand at my miming, “Sorry! I missed it.” looking at the trash can beside my rotating chair.

Oh no, my point wasn’t ill manners, it was plastic bottles. And wait, before you could get into conclusions, I can easily pick out fifteen plastic bags around my house, which I acquired from many shopping spots including my local grocery store down the lane. So, I’m not ranting about me being a eco-friendly woman who uses only paper bags and jute lunch bag to carry her organic fruits and vegetables. That’s not true at all.

Though, I may be talking about the guest who came on a popular national television news channel and said “a Mentally ill-Swedish girl” was over reacting to climate change and is exploited by her parents. But before I get into this, I may want you to see how a 15 year old Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist’s, powerful speech went viral in hours after speaking at the climate action summit in New York at the headquarters of the United Nations, in case you haven’t yet. Which is next to impossible. 

Question yourself everyday – Are you counting your days to death, without you realizing it?

The national television later apologized after hate started pouring in towards them. So why has this teen received so much hate online? Well, The Atlantic did an article elaborating on why Greta is making adults uncomfortable. Hmm, now let’s figure out what exactly is the problem. a) Is it that a teenager, who is angry about a global issue, is getting a lot of attention? b) Is it that we want to desperately ignore that earth is melting, but she isn’t letting us to do that in peace? c) Why do grown men hate her? While asking all these questions, I wonder if we are forgetting it’s not her that we should focus on but what she tried to convey. 

Be it from a 15 year old or a 50 year old, facts unfortunately remain facts. Mocking, bullying and attacking will not be of any good. I really don’t think. 

Repeating that climate change is real is not something I should do, which is as real as stating the fact that earth is round. Instead, here is how you could do your bit, apart from reading hundreds of articles on climate change and feeling pity or scared (including this). 

  • Walk, cycle or use public transport. A study in Stockholm showed that 60 lives could be saved each year thanks to reduced air pollution, if everyone had less than a 30-minute cycle ride to work, instead of taking the car.
  • Consume less meat. I hear your sigh while reading this! Calm down, let me complete. Lower your meat consumption to two days a week and take appropriate portion of food, avoid wastage. (I’m definitely going to try as much from now)
  • Wash clothes in cold or warm water, use energy and heat wisely. 
  • Start climate conversations, you may feel this might not be of any good, but trust me talking to each other can change governments.

What did it take for us human beings to wake up from our comfortable dreams after a 15 year old came up and told us the world is ending? What are doing about that garbage dump next to your apartment as you walk past it everyday making a face of disgust? Blaming each other isn’t helping, this time we are all in one team.

As I make the final touches to my article here, Ms. Thunberg is in the news for all the reasons black and white. But I’m going to only focus on one kind of news. This school-going girl is leading the biggest climate march which will take place in 150 countries, focused largely on youth protesters, yet people from all generations are rushing in hoping to bring a change to the mindset of people on climate change.

While its never too late to begin, we are already much much behind. A small action could take us a long way, reduce your screen brightness, remember save energy in the smallest way? Let this be a beginning.

Good luck to us (we need that it seems), the end is near.

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” – Terri Swearingen


The Way Forward: India fights

On a Sunday morning, about four months back, I was sitting across the breakfast table drinking my mandatory morning black coffee along with my first cousin who was gulping down her favorite chocolate milk. While discussing her career status, as she has just started off her collegiate life, she interrupted me to put across a very important issue. Reservations.

“I want you to write about this someday. For me, it’s terrible, I went through this,” she tells me. I could sense a tension in her voice.

As she completed her high school education, she had gone on a vigorous search for a few prominent undergrad colleges in the city. The battle to get into the best university had began. The students across Mumbai city were set on a hustle mode. Entrance exams, deadlines, day and night preparations, sample question papers, merit lists and so on.

Endless efforts and sleepless nights had finally paid off; she had cracked entrance score percentage on the merit list to one of the best known universities for engineering. She was beaming hearing the news, until an email changed everything.

“Hi ma’am, we are writing this to inform you that we unfortunately have to deny your admission to our institution. Regret the inconvenience caused.” After a detailed investigation, we discovered the seat was given to a student with a lower percentage who had applied on a SC/ST quota (reservation).

I will officially complete my media education in 2019, and I wonder what made me not write about this earlier. Probably because I was never a victim. I have read many of articles. Advantages, disadvantages, government policies, implications, effects, promises, arguments etc. yet nothing struck a chord in my head. Anti Reservation Protest of 1990 and Employees Protest Against Reservation in Promotions are few among them. Maybe I never knew the graveness of the problem until someone close to me faced it. Is that selfishness? I do not know.

Let me throw some light on what are Reservations are in India. According to Youth Article Library, Reservations in Indian law is a form of affirmative action whereby a percentage of seats are reserved in the public sector units, union and state civil services, government departments and in all public and private educational institutions, for the socially and educationally not progressive  communities and the Scheduled Castes and Tribes who are inadequately represented in these services and institutions. This is also the case even in the Parliament of India.

Related image
Image by: change.org

The Rationale behind Reservation

India is a prey to an undefinable caste system and this problem forcefully made the government introduce the provision of reservations. The Constitution of India was categorized in two groups called Scheduled Caste(SC) and Scheduled Tribe (SC). The idea was to provide equal opportunities in every job and industry, including education and government offices, as these communities were not considered among many institutions because of casteism that has existed for decades.

Understanding the Need

The motives of reservations have been taken advantage of immensely. The different religion and caste based quotas (reservations) have created tensions among the people who belong to the general category (who do not belong to the backward class). Their jobs have been taken away.

A child who spent the entire two months researching and studying,  without sleep, to get placed in one of the most prominent universities doesn’t get through even if she qualifies according to the merit category.

I strongly believe every person should attain what they deserve, if they have given their hundred percent, irrespective of gender, caste or religion. Many Indians have gone on the streets to protest demanding for reservations. India Times did an article on Five major communities demanding reservations  Many of them see no hope.

Havells Fans, a ceiling fan company in India did an advertisement mocking the reservation system. The advertisement was taken down soon, as it hurt the sentiments of few people. It was later withdrawn.

As we ended the conversation over the breakfast table, I realized one thing: to understand the law is not easy. My cousin, had no clue about government policies or how they may have affected a 17 year old. She felt education demanded to be every hard working person’s right and not a biased decision.

I had no answer to that. All I could do was is to explain to her that renowned educational institutions and high-profile schools are not the only places to earn education from. It is from the life around you. Schools are just a platform, if you believe in yourself, dedicate to your goals and put your mind and heart into it, trust me, victory is yours,  no matter what. As I said that, I saw a meek smile on her face. My job was to restore confidence in that young mind.

While this debate is never- ending in the developing nation of India, it is important to look at whether this caste-based reservation system has actually uprooted the underprivileged? Are the minorities in the country aware about such reservation policies? How many people, who stay away, in the outskirts, know that they can demand their rights? Is the implementation of reservation policy revised often? My cousin was just one in many students who missed out on this opportunity, do others too voice about this? Is the system working the way it was meant to? Is every ‘reserved class’ children benefitting from this?

All these questions, and many more yet to be answered.

Let us help this rich country of 1.3 billion to flourish, by building educational foundations for every person, irrespective of age, class, gender and undoubtedly caste.

“I wish to play” – 14 Year Old Mom

“I love to play soccer, the championship begin last year. But I could not play, I was pregnant” says Daniela. She was 14 when she gave birth to her son.

Daniela lives in Ecuador, a country situated in South America’s west coast. This is not the story of Daniela alone. This is the story of thousands of girls across Latin America, where child marriage and teenage pregnancy are increasing on a high rate and forcing them to drop out of school.

Daniela was not among the one who decided to stop school after being a mother. It was exhausting, tiring and challenging for but she was brave enough to face those. She managed to raised her son and balanced her homework at the same time. It was hard but not impossible. “I have to be something … for my son” she says proudly.

Credits: Christian Rodriguez/Prime Collective
Poor data and access to prophylactic strategies regularly prompt undesirable pregnancies, particularly among adolescent young ladies and youthful women.The maternal death rate in Ecuador is 110 death/100,000 live births (starting at 2010). The HIV/AIDS rate is 0.6% for grown-ups (matured 15-49), starting at 2012 estimates.

Abortion in Ecuador is illicit, with just couple of exemptions for unique conditions. As per a Human Rights Watch report, lawful fetus removal is generally denied to ladies, even on account of rape.In late years, being gone up against with the most astounding high school pregnancy rate in South America, Ecuador has chosen to change its strategy in regards to contraception, including crisis contraception.

As per the state evaluation in Ecuador, 1 adolescent in 5, from 15 to 19 years of age and 1 young lady in 20 between 12 and 14 years of age, is pregnant. 78% of young moms drop out of school when pregnant.

Malala Yousafzai, the fierce fighter empowering girls immensely, kick started her #GirlPowerTrip in April. The trip’s motive is to empower, help and fight for the future of girls like Daniela.

While there are many more girls like Daniela, Malala believes it is important for more people to step forward and do their bit. She thinks her voice is not enough. What the girls in Latin America require are more than just financial help in medical sector. They are in need of awareness, moral strength and education.

It is equally important to ensure that girls get the opportunity to reach their full potential. While Malala has started off on the journey, she was inspired by Christian Rodriguez’s TEEN MOM Kick-starter campaign, which works for the cause of adolescence pregnancy in Latin America.

“So far, I have documented the everyday lives of teen mothers in Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Argentina. I have found many individual stories that necessitate greater visibility in order to reduce these high rates of adolescent pregnancy.” says the documentary photographer from Uruguay who explores themes related of gender and identity by working with different communities.

Here, read, understand and learn what we can do as students or professionals in bringing a change to the mindsets of people through education and awareness.

Learn about #GirlPowerTrip here: https://blog.malala.org/girlpowertrip/home 


Spread a word and do your bit here: https://www.malala.org/donate?source=medium_nav

TEEN MOM campaign by Christian Rodriguez: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1786977542/teen-mom-project/description


Vegetarianism – Not a Curse

I have been writing for three years now, and spent a good half of my life abroad. Yet I still wonder why I never wrote about the topic that I strongly felt for. I have been blamed, accused and made fun of this since long. What took me so long to pen down my feelings into words? I do not know. So here, today I decide to pour it all out.

Vegetarianism. Take notes, people. Grab a popcorn and be ready to debate.

It has been 22 years, okay lets just cut it down into 13 years, since I have been on this life long debate of proving why I am a vegetarian. Trust me, it is much harder than fighting for your constitutional rights in India. How I wish one person out of the bazillion people who gave me reasons on why I should switch gave me a valid justification. All of them were pointless and pathetic. Sorry, but yes.

Oh, so you want me take you through some of them? Here, let me take this beautiful opportunity to publicly pen down two prominent arguments I face and also unveil why I felt they made no sense.

We kill animals and you kill plants, both are living things (in fact you kill the food for animals) How does that make any difference?

Sigh. Heavy sighs. I have been living in the Middle East for sometime now and during Eid, I often wake up to the noise of the trucks pulling across the streets in which I hear the cries of caged goats who are trying to drop off the back door, their eyes shows despair and their feet keep trembling. Hours later, I hear one last cry. Bloodshed. My day goes terrible. That night we go out for dinner and my colleague gets to the table a hot bowl of Mutton Biryani (an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice, spices and goat meat). He said that it smelled exceptionally good and the hot flavored spices pampered his taste buds. I found it extremely hard to forget the sight of the eyes of despair and their cries were still ringing in my ears.

I highly respect religious beliefs across the globe. I understand the value of traditions though I try not to question them always. But violence, slaughter and bloodshed of animals? I am not sure how they sleep well that night.

Technically speaking, plants are living things too, but in that case, everything around us is ‘living’. From the perspective of quantum physics, there is nothing in our three dimensional world that are not ‘living’. Be it stones, water or your computer screens. Vibrating at various rates of speed, energy exists in everything that is growing expanding and self propagating. Like vegetables, algae, bacteria or fruits.

So what if animals are hurt, plants are hurt too. Why just care about animals?

To all who say this, A, what happened to your education? Don’t worry, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Today is my chance to teach you. B, let me explain why plants aren’t hurt like animals. Plants are not sentient beings. They do not have an emotional inclination to avoid bodily harm and does not have a nervous system, thus they do not process the sensation of pain. Mother nature’s creation of plants ensured they do not engage in a fight or respond to threats as I mentioned earlier why they do not inherit humane feelings or emotions.

Hence, I never came across the fact of bell peppers jumping off my cutting board and running towards my door which is clearly not the case of 50 billion farm animals in a slaughter house.

And rightly said by Bobby Rock Blog, “Now, after all of this plants-are-living-things stuff, if you’re still on a mission to save as many plants as possible from the ravages of the dinner table and feel that eating dead animals is somehow serving that end, remember: we are currently feeding about 80-plus% of many of the crops we grow in the world to farm animals.  So by eating animal products, you are actually causing the “death” of even more plants (to say nothing of animals), since we feed a disproportionate amount of plant foods to animals, relative to what they yield to humans in the form of food.”

I strongly believe in opinions and respect it with all my heart. My job was not to turn the meat-eating portion of people to vegetarianism or make them realize they are committing a sin. But my motive was to eliminate some of the dreaded flaws in the concept of vegetarianism. While I have been respecting the choices of the meat eating group of people and is mature enough to understand that everyone has the right and freedom to choose a way of lifestyle, I equally yearn for the same respect towards my choices.

But no. 2017, Educational Rights, Global Exposure, immense Growth of Media Industry. Nothing helped the minds of these people grow. I pity them.

I could write 37 pages if I list all the arguments I come across everyday. I choose to stop here. If you read till here, thank you for the patience to go through what I feel. Means a lot.

Also, write to me at https://poojakesavan.com/contact/ if you have any reasons to counter my thinking, I will be glad to put up the best ones here.

None of us are right or wrong, we just have different opinions.


Forgotten ‘Deep’ Conversations

What would make you feel better? Talking to your friend about your state of mind before an important interview or about the weather on the hills?

While thinking about this, I wondered if I was the only one who felt the first would make me feel much happier and satisfied and believed this was absolutely subjective until I did a detailed research. I was taken aback by the number of research papers and analysis that was done on the very same issue by some of the prominent Universities across the globe.

Image result for quotes on technology advancement
The time is here | Source: QuotesGram
Matthias Mehl, a psychologist at the University of Arizona who published a study on the subject wrote that people who spend most of their time in deep meaningful conversations tend to be 80% more happier than those who engage in small talks.

“By engaging in meaningful conversations, we manage to impose meaning on an otherwise pretty chaotic world,” says Dr. Mehl. “And inter-personally, as you find this meaning, you bond with your interactive partner, and we know that interpersonal connection and integration is a core fundamental foundation of happiness.”

Blaming Social Media behind the decrease in conversations between people on a high scale, a study says “Social media has created a whole new set of platforms on which we are expected to interact with people, at all hours.” This in return leads to being confined to gadgets to get in touch with their dear ones across the globe but forgetting the one sitting over the table with them.

Social platforms have focused on being socially active ‘virtually’. 90% of the people on our Facebook feed are getting married, got promoted to the HR post, went on a  holiday with their best friends to Miami, which make the other people on their friend list wonder “Look at me, cuddling up in my blanket alone, eating burnt popcorn and watching Game of Thrones”. We tend to let people know we are having fun rather than having fun, and a desire to share these with people whom we hardly know than hanging out with our close ones.

Social media creates the bubble of ‘happy successful people’ which may not be healthy for our mental being. We often forget that we are social animals, if given a chance between going out on a Sunday brunch with your close friends and watching a an episode of Friends, many may prefer to go on a grocery shopping to grab our favorite snack to munch on while watching Friends.

While our world is now losing out on the importance of socializing outside social media, they are also losing out on important, meaningful and productive conversations with each other. When was the last time you had a conversation about something you were passionate about? Maybe like a civic project, a recent unusual journey, a newsworthy aspect of your profession, a family member, your dream job, the person you would sacrifice for etc.

Next time, try grabbing a coffee and sitting over a table with someone you care about and ‘talk’ your heart out. Trust me, you and your soul will feel blissful!

4.20 am Alert: Blue Whale Challenge

VKontakte (VK) is Russia’s largest social networking website. It is believed that a “game” targeting the teens has originated through this website. The alleged game started in secret groups in Russia in 2013.

Widely known as the Blue Whale Challenge, this game supposedly plays with your life. The participant will be given 50 tasks, one can only unlock the second task if you complete the first. As an evidence of completion of the first task, the participant should send a proof or evidence to the curator of the game. Only then the second task is unlocked. This procedure follows. Until the last level, to commit suicide.

Source: DailyO


Filipp Budeykin, a 22 year old, is said to be the ‘curator’ of the challenge and was arrested for aiding suicides. He opened up pleading guilty and went on record to say that the victims who fell prey to this challenge were ‘biological waste’ and he was just ‘cleansing the society’ through the game.

The Russian media reported suicides of 130 children, from November 2015 to April 2016, who was trapped in the cyber loop of Blue Whale Challenge. A Blue Whale / A Quiet House / A Silent House / A Sea of Whales / Wake Me Up at 4:20am are some of the alternate names given to this ‘social media’ game. There were apps of the same but was later taken down by the Internet. Currently, you cannot download or view the game online.

Source: The News Minute

What are these 50 tasks?

2. Wake up at 4.20 a.m. and watch psychedelic and scary videos that curator sends you.
3. Cut your arm with a razor along your veins, but not too deep, only 3 cuts, send a photo to the curator.
4. Draw a whale on a sheet of paper, send a photo to curator.
5. If you are ready to “become a whale”, carve “YES” on your leg. If not– cut yourself many times (punish yourself)
6. Task with a cipher.
7. Carve “f40” on your hand, send a photo to curator.
8. Type “#i_am_whale (rus. #я_кит) in your VKontakte status.
9. You have to overcome your fear.
10. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to a roof (the higher the better)
11. Carve a whale on your hand with a razor, send a photo to curator.
12. Watch psychedelic and horror videos all day.
13. Listen to music that “they” (curators) send you.
14. Cut your lip
15. Poke your hand with a needle many times
16. Do something painful to yourself, make yourself sick
17. Go to the highest roof you can find, stand on the edge for some time.
18. Go to a bridge, stand on the edge
19. Climb up a crane or at least try to do it
20. The curator checks if you are trustworthy
21. Have a talk “with a whale” (with another player like you or with a curator) in Skype
22. Go to a roof and sit on the edge with your legs dangling
23. Another task with a cipher.
24. Secret task
25. Have a meeting with a “whale”
26. The curator tells you the date of your death and you have to accept it
27. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to rails (visit any railroad that you can find)
28. Don’t talk to anyone all day
29. Make a vow that “you’re a whale”
30-49. Everyday you wake up at 4:20 a.m., watch horror videos, listen to music that “they” send you, make 1 cut on your body per day, talk “to a whale.”
50. Jump off a high building. Take your life.

An alarming number of people are flooding the twitter platform in lookout for the curator. While many are curious to know why the game is so hyped the other lot wants to escape from the social world.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The game has paved its path to India. While there are no solid evidences of the existence of this game, the issue here is mental health and digital literacy according to experts.

“Such sensationalism by the mass media leads to misdiagnosis of the problem. Instead of taking action on appointing counselors in schools and educating teachers, parents, and children and teens about depression, bullying, etc., central and state governments have sought to get this non-existent “game” banned instead,” argues Pranesh Prakash, Policy Director at the Center for Internet and Society.

While the search is still on to confirm the existence of the game, do not forget to do your part, parents tend to play a big role in this issue. Open conversations, monitoring the cyberspace of your children and discussing with them about online dangers are all key elements to saving a life.

Don’t walk yourself into the trap. Nothing is worth giving up your life.



The Life of A Shy Extrovert

Her favourite spot in the Coffee House was reserved that day. She had some writing to do and meet deadlines. Looking for a cozy new place she spotted a corner in the well candle-lit Coffee House. The aroma of brewing coffee with hot creamy milk and crushed coffee beans filled the air. Who said only smoking up could get you high?

After an hour of tedious writing, she was drained. Mentally and socially. She wanted people around her, to share her feelings with. To talk about her love for coffee and cats. To talk about her family, career and relationships. How terribly she missed socialising for an hour.

She is extremely good at building conversations with strangers and made sure they are comfortable in her company, but preferred only to talk over a coffee with her close friends. Like minded ones.

She loves parties! She would dance like no one is watching, with everyone. From the group of her long lost friends (equal to unknown) to her favourite set of guy friends. But she would never want to be the star of the party. She would not go around starting a conversation with every person in the name of socialising. She would still stick to having a small filling meal for dinner with her close friends.

She is a Shy Extrovert.

Roz Bellamy, a Melbourne based writer and teacher, wrote a piece for The Vocal which she titled ‘The Shy Extrovert and Social Media Introvert’. On attending a workshop for a memoir-writing overseas, she analysed how she suffered from depression and anxiety and linked it to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Shy Extrovert, is a modern term that was coined in the world of internet. It does not hold a dictionary definition.

These are people who get exhausted spending time by themselves after a point. They need social engagement to stay energised. Quality time with people they are comfortable with. This include only a handpicked number of friends and family.

They are totally into making new friends and learning their stories, keen listeners and avid supporters. They welcome good conversations and humour. But after brunch and good food with 10 of their close friends, they now want to hit the solo button hard. They may come up with valid excuses to leave the party soon. Why are these people so complicated? So weird?

There would be a lot of instances where ‘Shy Extroverts’ are mistaken to be introverts. They stay quite and silent in the crowd of unknown but when some of them sit across the table to have a conversation, they are are the most talkative people ever. No, they are not double faced, its in their ‘DNA’.

Ms. Bellamy writes, “Maybe I am a shy extrovert. One thing that is wonderful about being an introvert, or a shy extrovert, or a caring extrovert, is that you tend to be aware of other people’s feelings. Maybe it is time for us, as a society, to move beyond the binary, and into a more complex understanding of ourselves and our fellow human beings.”












The Hidden Face of World’s Greatest Dictator – Adolf Hitler

The man behind the death of more than 70 million, Adolf Hitler lead an extreme secretive personal life. Known to be the greatest dictator in the history, he ruled over Germany leading the Nazi Party and initiated the World War II.

The German Dictator’s sexuality was told to be complex and he refused to let the world know about it. Hitler’s personal life was hard to be studied by historians. In the book Hitler’s Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator by a German historian Lothar Machtan, Adolf Hitler had ordered many among the high ranking Nazi officials to be sentenced to death after he felt the news about him being homosexual will be revealed.

Source: irishexaminer.com | Adolf Hitler with Rudolf Hess, who were having a secret affair and gave up after the Nazi leader found it an embarrassment

One prominent incident in the history was when Ernst Röhm, the leader of Hitler’s Storm Troopers, tried to blackmail Hitler by revealing his sexuality. Röhm, who was also gay, was murdered by Hitler.

The fact that Adolf Hitler was supposedly a gay, was used by him cleverly during the First World War. He would persuade police officers and would influence many young men for his benefits, for political reasons and otherwise.

In Hitler’s early life and teenage, he had a string of exclusive male companions who was ‘close’ to him and often visited his place. August Kubizek, Reinhold Hanisch, and Rudolf Hausler were some among the many. He apparently shared accommodation with these men in Viennese or Munich backstreets and in “homes for the destitute”.

In a popular debate, Machtan explains that much of his activities and decisions while in power was not due to political influences but to eliminate his original identity and keep his personal secret life at bay.

He was also involved with his half niece Geli Raubal, who shot herself to death with his gun and committed suicide after knowing the relationship of long term lover Eva Braun. The book argues that these were ways to hide his homosexuality to the public and as a result he also ordered to burn down homosexuals in the gas chambers.

Adolf Hitler believed that revealing his sexual identity would shatter his manly image and would bring down his prominence as a dictator. Hitler’s interpreter, Eugen Dollmann wrote that there was an instance were he overheard Otto von Lossow, a Reichswehr general in Munich post the World War I and discovered a police file containing statements by young boys in Munich. Those boys, according to Lossow, said that Hitler had paid them to spend the night with him.

The end number of blackmails had taken a toll on his political life and the 37 year old attempted to go ‘straight’ and failed miserably. Eight women, with whom he had a sexual relationship attempted suicide and six succeeded.

Source: irishexaminer.com | Hitler with Eva Braun

A frustrated Eva Braun, his long time lover committed suicide 40 hours after their marriage, understanding the confused Hitler’s double personalities.

Lother Machtan has not being able to prove and give concrete evidences of Hitler’s sexuality and its influence in the political spheres of his dictatorship.

Silence is Loud, And I Am A Victim

Kipling Williams, a Professor of Psychology at Purdue University who has studied ostracism for twenty years, explains, ‘Excluding and ignoring people, such as giving them the cold shoulder or silent treatment, are used to punish or manipulate, and people may not realize the emotional or physical harm that is being done.’

The brain is supposed to be one of the strangest working mechanisms in the human body. When a particular issue has generated a sense of anger or has hurt you in multiple different ways, you tend to control all kind of emotions without letting it go. This results in the most dangerous way of responding which is, not responding. Remaining silent when the worst has happened is not a healthy way of responding. After a certain point of time, the brain refuses to show emotions in any manner. Whether being ignored, hearing criticism or complaints, it creates an emotional distance between people.

Related image
Silence is loud, you may not see it

Being a living example of this case, I have been endlessly working to tackle silent treatment for the longest time. I may say I completed walking 50% of the journey but the rest 50% seems impossible. I have tried talking about what bothers me, what makes me upset or what puts me down. As soon as I take one foot forward, the second foot refuses to step up. I am trying.

We are the people who prefer to remain quite, assuming that the other person was having a bad day or probably end up thinking we do not hold any place in their priority list.

Fact check, this is not true. Remember I said I walked 50% of this journey? (Though I fell many a times) I learnt few lessons. Important ones.


It is crucial to take a moment, breathe and drink a glass of water. Make sure you take time out to appreciate yourself, always. Understand if there are differences between you and someone else. Realize, every battle you fight, you are not alone. There is always someone with you, visible or invisible. It is not important to answer every question. It is not important to question every situation.

Vent It Out

I know this is not easy, but try it. Just once. I promise there will be no looking back after that. If you did not like what she told you about your hairstyle, tell her. If you are being forced to go to that wedding and do not want to, don’t go. Don’t just go there and complain about the terrible food at the wedding. Vent it out right! Write about what you feel on a piece of paper, speak to someone you love, mail your mentor. Every emotion kept inside you, will eventually eat you.

Focus and Restructure

I had an important audition in 2014, that could have probably changed the cycle of events that happened till date. I prepared well, my written-down lines were flawless, my dress was on point and I did not let my cold to take over my voice. I was sure I would get through. I believe I gave my 102% on the stage that day. But the results were not in my favor. As usual, I did not speak to anyone, not because I didn’t want to but I could not. I tried, nothing in me encouraged to socialize. I learnt 2 months later, that the event did not happen. The sponsors turned their back due to financial management crisis.

What a blessing it was, NOT to be a part of the event! From then, I was grateful for all the incidents that did not work in my favor. Every time I failed at something, I said a thank you prayer for all the things in my life, worth being grateful for. Learn to focus on the bright good side that happened and restructure the anger and disappointment into gratefulness and positive vibes.

Ask Yourself

Talk to yourself, if not others. There will not always be ears around you to listen, understand and solve your difficulties. But there is one person, who you can blindly trust, rely upon and smile to. Hug yourself, its you! I am an avid talkative person, but for the most of time I speak to myself. Whenever I have a moment of extreme happiness or disappointment, I spend legit five minutes talking to myself. I recollect all the best things that happened till now and the great things that is yet to come. I recollect the memories of the supportive people around me and how much their significance in my life made me who I am.

The amount of conflicts you will go through will increase day by day, what matters is how you handle these conflicts. Remaining silent will increase your pressure tremendously, so what can you do? Work on yourself, for yourself. It will never go wrong.

And watch how you grow emotionally. Happier and Productive.


Human Trafficking – Mysterious Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley

March 24th, 1998.

A vacation trip on the Royal Caribbean Cruise, Rhapsody Ship of the Seas, turned into a nightmare for the parents of a 23-year-old.

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Amy Lynn Bradley | Source: amybradley.net

Amy Lynn Bradley, a vibrant woman set off with her parents and brother who decided to explore the international waters, went missing mysteriously. They were travelling to Caribbean, when they found the that she had ‘vanished’ from the Cruise.

According to her family, they had last seen her on the suite’s balcony in the wee hours of morning, March 24th. Some also suspects that she had left the room without her footwear, which meant she wasn’t planning to go anywhere far. Some sources discovered that she carried a packet of cigarettes and lighter too. An eyewitness had seen her with some band members near an elevator later.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation did a thorough study, to realize that she had no intentions of a ‘run away’ as her background of dealing with family and friends were strong. She maintained a satisfied social life.

While the case is still on, seven years after the incident Amy’s parents had sent the FBI a photograph that resembled their daughter from an adult escort website. Over the years many people have reached out claiming to have seen her. She is suspected to have smuggled off the cruise while in Curacao and sold into sexual slavery. One of the witness is an American sailor who visited a brothel in Curacao and supposedly met a girl named ‘Amy Bradley’. Sources say that she had asked for help before business.

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Amy Bradley resembled a woman from an adult escort website | Source: The Throwback News

While the stories, suspects and sightings seems to be endless, Amy Lynn Bradley’s whereabouts are still unknown, 19 years later. The family had launched an extensive investigation, but it did not show any good.

The reward for anyone who finds Amy is $2,50,000 (Quarter of A Million US Dollars). The team is on an extensive search.


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Source: Black & Missing Inc.

The missing cases and ‘vanishing’ of women around the globe has increased drastically over the years. According to the Black and Missing Inc. the highest number of missing cases are of Whites, 57% and the lowest number are of Indians, 1%. The highest number of cases in the United States have eventually led to conclusions that ended up in brothels and being victims of human trafficking.  

3,287 people are kidnapped, sold or smuggled into sexual slavery everyday. Which is 136 per hour. These are supposedly just the reported cases. Many among these cannot be solved understanding the reach of the largest market in the world. According to F4C Org, the profits made by global sex trade market shoots to $32 billion dollars.

Children, women and men are trafficked within their countries and international borders. On investigation office’s table lies the bundle of slavery cases that remains unsolved because of the difficulty to track down these markets across the globe.

The UN Office of Drugs and Crime states that it is the largest source of income for any organized crime and the fastest growing international crime.

Many of these people fall into the trap unknowingly, many are kidnapped and smuggled and another lot use it as the fastest way to earn money.

There have been missing stories and then there are survivor stories. The Force 4 Compassion is an organisation that helps you to survive and deal with these issues in the form of education, medical help, rescue and shelter and counselling.

Find help here :  http://www.f-4-c.org/

Talk, learn, and be alert & aware of what’s happening around you.